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Where it all started

We believe that we are in the business of providing service and information. It is this philosophy that created the need for a 'Website' and 'Blog'. Our Website will provide information on our Location, Garden Centre Specials, our Annual Draw and other relevent news".

Our Blog 'Growing Up' is our daily voice/rant on all topics from the gardening world, and beyond.

Our goal, for our Blog, is to provide help to the customer, regarding the when, where, what and how to grow different plant species. We will also link to information available on other Gardening Blog sites.

Our Web Page is targeted to providing information about the Garden Centre and Greenhouses. As you can imagine the pages will constantly be under construction.

Sherwood Greenhouses has been in operation for 44  continuous years, 2012 will make it 45 years. The three previous owners operated the greenhouses for an average of ten years each. We purchased the operation on February 1, 1998, and have been adding/growing ever since. In this business if you are not planting, you are selling or doing maintenance, the fun never stops.

It is hard to believe that this all started with a hobby greenhouse on our former acreage in Gray, Saskatchewan. I guess it is true, hobbies do tend to get out of hand.

No matter the season we like to talk with clients; please drop in, as we could probably use the break.

If you require information or have suggestions for us, please phone (306-522-1116) or E-mail, we try to reply the same day.

Mary & Larry Levsen