Our Favourite Roses

Adelaide Rose   (Bright red)
Parkland Series
Glossy green foliage with large clusters of semi-double red flowers.
John Davis Rose  (Pink)
Parkland Series
Vigorous climbing rose, can sometimes be grown as a shrub rose as well.

john davis

Prairie Snow Drift   (White)
Parkland Series (new for 2012)
Creamy-white full cup-shaped blossoms,  hardy and disease-resistant.  A sport of Morden Blush.
snow drift

Morden Belle  (Medium Pink)
Morden Series
Vigourous growing rose, with glossy disease resistant foliage.

Emily Car  (Deep Red)
Canadian Artist series
Disease resistant foliage, cold hardy, blooms all summer.
emily carr

Morden Blush  (Light Pink)
Morden Series
Low growing, continuous blooms  of semi-double to light pink-cream flowers.

Hansa Rose  (Red Violet)
Shrub Rose Series
Fragrant flowers, blooms all summer, foliage is orange in fall, a long living rose.

Morden Centennial (Pink)
Morden Series
Recurrent double pink blooms, blooms on old and new wood.

Hope For Humanity Rose (Dark Red)
Parkland Series
Deep red blooms change to dark red, ever-blooming with a slight fragrance.

Winnipeg Parks  (Deep pink)
Parkland Series
A vigorous compact rose, which blooms profusely all summer.

John Cabot Rose  (Deep Pink)
Explorer Series
Vigorous climbing rose, can be grown as a shrub rose as well.

Bill Reid  (Yellow)
Canadian Artist Series  (New  for 2012)
Compact rose, with atractive bright yellow blooms, and disease resistant foliage.
bill reid