Backyard Farm to Table

Backyard Farm to Table

As the weather starts getting warmer and the birds start singing, it is time to start thinking about visiting the greenhouse Regina! Gardening is a wonderful way to not only add flavour to your backyard, but to provide healthy, nutritious food for the whole family. Produce plants are both beautiful and practical, and Sherwood Greenhouse can provide you with all your gardening needs at their garden centre in Regina.

What to Plant
When deciding what to plant, consider what your family eats the most of. The garden centre has plenty of options that are just right for you! We carry a variety of fruit plants including; apples, raspberries, strawberries, and much, much more. We also have a variety of Perennials and Annuals including herbs and colorful nutritious vegetables. No matter what you jive with, we have it for you. Additionally, we only carry plants that do well with our zoning and ground, so you get the best out of your garden.

At the end of each season, evaluate your garden. Did the kids eat all the peas but you had a plethora of tomatoes left over? Adjust what you plant based off of your ever-changing needs. Another tip is to view your garden from a financial perspective, plant the fruits and vegetables that make the most financial sense for you and your family.

Is space a problem? Grow up. We carry a variety of gardening tools and equipment to ensure the most plants per space. Wires and netting can be used to ensure your plants grow upwards and give you more space for your backyard crop. No matter what your gardening and growing needs are in Regina, Sherwood Greenhouses can help you out.