Fall Clean-up

Fall Clean-up

It seems as if this year it got cold fast and we aren't having any of that nice fall weather that we all love. I love to be out in the yard raking leaves and cleaning out the flower beds when it is nice out. But did you know there is more than just that that you can do in the fall? While cleaning up your yard this fall, here are a few things to keep in mind.

-Now is the best time to be putting some fall fertilizer on your grass. Applying a fertilizer high in phosphorus encourages your roots to grow which helps your lawn be lush and green come spring. Aerating your grass now allows the nutrients from the fertilizer you put down to make it's way faster to the roots. It also allows water to be soaked up by the soil rather than pooling on your grass causing it to die.

-Trim up all of those dead or in the way branches on your trees and shrubs. Come winter time you don't want to be fooling around trimming branches that have fallen on your sidewalk because of the heavy snow. Any perennials that you have in your yard should also be cut back to the ground to send all of the energy that the plant is making back into the roots. 

-Right now until freeze up is the best time to be planting trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs in your yard. Your new plants have a better chance at establishing new roots now because they aren't as focused on creating new growth in foliage or blooms. If your perennials are getting a little large you may want to consider dividing them and adding some to other beds in your yard that need a little something. 

Obviously there are other things that people do in the fall to keep their yard looking its best, such as raking the leaves, mowing the grass one last time, pulling out all of your dead annuals, cleaning your gutters, putting away hoses, etc. I could go on and on about all the things you could do to get ready for old man winter. At Sherwood Greenhouses we still have a wide variety of bulb, perennials, trees and shrubs to choose from. Come visit us and maybe you will find that certain something you have been looking for or the perfect thing to fill up that darn empty spot that you can't seem to fill. We also have fall grass fertilizer to help those roots to make it through the winter.

Happy Fall!