The Right Plants for Your Yard

The Right Plants for Your Yard

To determine what plants are right for your yard, we’ll ask you a couple questions first. The first thing we will need to determine the right plants and flowers in Regina is what the sun is like in your area. For me, I live in an apartment that faces West, which means I have partial sun and shade. The plants on my balcony would be different if the plants were out in the sun all day, or if they were hidden in the shade from a building or trees.

The Right Plants for Your Yard - Image 1Trees and Bushes
Trees and bushes are a fantastic way to spruce up your yard and add privacy, shade, or just beauty as well. To help you pick out the right trees for you, we have labels that make it super easy. We have different categories for each type of tree, such as shade trees, flowering trees, and fruit trees.

Bushes are another great way to add to your yard to add some bushes. Shrubs can be beautiful and also add privacy or a land marker for those neighbours that don’t quite get it. We have a large variety of blooming bushes that look beautiful in the summer and fall seasons.

The Right Plants for Your Yard - Image 2Plants and Vines
Depending on your yard, or inside your home, house plants and vines can really add something special. If you also happen to live in an apartment and have some sort of pigeon netting– because that’s a massive problem in Regina– getting a vine plant can make it look beautiful as it weaves up your netting. It is also a lovely way to add to your office or home because everyone needs some plants in their life.

Fruit and Veggies
Going to the grocery store is expensive, and fruits and veggies are probably the most costly– second to meat. An easy way to save some money, and eat natural, organic foods, is to grow your own. The added plus to planting fruits and veggies is that they’re not only beautiful, but you will have food in your backyard at all times during the summer!

The Right Plants for Your Yard - Image 3Flowers
Although there are literally hundreds of flowers at our greenhouse, and it all depends on your yard, and what you’re looking for in your flowers. We have a large selection of flowers that go perfectly with vegetable gardens. We also have flowers that are perfect for being in the sun all day or the shade! Be sure to stop by Sherwood Greenhouses for all of your planting needs!