Frequently Asked Questions

I recently bought an air plant, how and how often do I water it?

We recommend giving your air plant a 'bath' in a bowl or container once a month depending on how much airflow and light it gets. If it gets lots of light and is in a breezy place maybe do it every 2 weeks instead of a month. Fill the container with room tempurature water and place your plant in the...
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Are there any specific things I need to do when planting a tree?

First you need to dig your hole twice as wide as the pot your tree came in and at least one and a half times as deep. To encourage your roots to spread we encourage you to cut the outside edges of the root ball. This way instead of the roots growing in a circular motion they are enouraged to spread...
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How big of a hole do I need to dig to plant my new tree?

Your hole for your tree should be twice as big around as the pot the tree came in and at least one and a half time deep. 

How close can I plant my new shrub to and exsisting tree?

You should be planting new shrubs at least 6 feet away from established trees.

How late can I plant trees, shrubs and perennials?

You can plant right up until freeze up. Fall and cooler weather is actually better to plant in so your plant has a chance to focus on establishing their roots rather than putting all of it's energy into new growth, foliage and flowers.